Watch Man-Thing Online

Watch Man-Thing Online
Film title: Man-Thing
Rotten Tomatoes: 17%
Language: English
Plot: Environmental exploitation, corporate avarice and murder converge in director Brett Leonard's gruesome horror flick set in a backwater Florida town near the Everglades. With a rash of disappearances and a pile of corpses on his hands, Sheriff Kyle Williams (Matthew Le Nevez) investigates and soon finds himself up against a deadly swamp creature seeking to protect its habitat from an oil magnate. Rachel Taylor portrays the lawman's love interest.

Man-Thing Cast & Crew

Matthew Le Nevez
as Sheriff Kyle Williams
Rachael Taylor
as Teri Elizabeth Richards
Jack Thompson
as Frederic Schist
Rawiri Paratene
as Pete Horn
Steve Bastoni
as Rene LaRoque
Robert Mammone
as Mike Ploog
Patrick Thompson
as Jake Schist
William Zappa
as Steve Gerber
John Batchelor
as Wayne Thibadeaux
Ian Bliss
as Rodney Thibadeaux
Brett Leonard
as Val Mayerick
Imogen Bailey
as Sarah
James Coyne
as Billy James
Cheryl Craig
as Michele