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Film title: Manalive
Language: English
Plot: For Michael Moon and his house-mates, life is dull and repetitious... Until they meet the new tenant: A 300 lb man who carries a 12 inch pistol and calls himself, "Innocent Smith." Suddenly, their world is turned upside down as the stranger encourages them to secede and form their own country. They become wild with freedom and invention, rediscovering the joy of their childhood. But then a detective shows up and informs them that Smith is a dangerous criminal who abandoned his wife and embarked on a worldwide crime spree of robbery and murder. Never-the-less, Michael Moon and his house-mates refuse to extradite the criminal from their newly formed country and demand that the trial of Innocent Smith be held in their own living room. The question on everyone's mind: Is Smith really innocent?

Manalive Series
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Manalive Cast & Crew

Kaiser Johnson
as Michael Moon
Mark P. Shea
as Innocent Smith
Andrew Weir
as Arthur Inglewood
Ashley Ahlquist
as Rosamund Hunt
Erin Rhea Berson
as Diana Duke
Ted Johnson
as Dr. Warner
Dandy Barrett
as Mrs. Duke
Cliff Helmey
as Detective Pym
Katharine Harrington
as Mary Grey
Nikki Brower
as Miss Gould
Jay Amari
as Hawkins
Alfred Pierce
as Gardener
John Miller
as Policeman