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Film title: Manipulation
Language: German
Plot: Zurich, 1956: During the Cold War a compromising photograph exposes a Swiss star reporter as a Soviet spy. Unable to withstand the pressure, he commits suicide in the interrogation room. Special agent Rappold from the counter-espionage department is plagued by doubt: Were the photographs really genuine? And why did the influential PR advisor, Dr. Harry Wind, even have the photographs made? In a merciless cat and mouse game with Dr. Wind as a manipulative storyteller, Rappold realizes that he himself is part of a conspiracy.

Manipulation Series
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Manipulation Cast & Crew

Klaus Maria Brandauer
as Urs Rappold
Sebastian Koch
as Harry Wind
Thomas Douglas
as Bundespolizist Koller
Susanne Abelein
as Romy Hartmann
Markus Merz
as Werner Eiselin
Peter Schröder
as Bundespolizeichef Wagner
Vincent Leittersdorf
as Kommandant Kurz
Chantal Le Moign
as Bundesanwältin
Urs Jucker
as Vital Berger
Helmut Förnbacher
as Korpskommandant Sturzenegger
Rahel Hubacher
as Frau Eiselin
Martin Hug
as Kantonspolizist Zaugg
Hans-Rudolf Twerenbold
as Polizeiarzt
Oliver Bürgin
as Polizeifotograf
Martin Engler
as Reporter Luchsinger