Mansions Series
Premiere: 2008
Network: Hgtv
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Dynamic, tension-filled and energetic, "MANSIONS" is an intense adrenaline rush that unveils the realities of luxury residential construction. Viewers discover how multi-million dollar homes are designed and built, from rough sketches to jaw-dropping completion. The show's host is Paul Miklas, an ultra-exclusive homebuilder who builds super high-end mansions across North America. From tuxedo to hard-hat, Paul's charismatic personality and genuine excitement for what he does is engaging and hard to resist. Paul’s wife, Holly Miklas, serves as muse and head designe r while everyman Jim Lilly acts as on-site superintendent. The series provides a unique glimpse into the exciting world of high design and construction where last minute changes and extreme indulgence come with the territory. A high quality production approach blended with contemporary, rock influenced original music makes "MANSIONS" the coolest new lifestyle series to hit the small screen. more less