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Film title: Marie Antoinette is niet dood
Language: Dutch
Plot: The character of Marie Antoinette has been transferred to the present. She meets Frédérique, whom she violently falls in love with. Since Marie Antoinette is destined however to marry a king, the court where Frédérique resides is burned down and Marie Antoinette is married to Louis XVI. Frédérique survives the fire and the lovers meet again at a press conference. Under the flashing eye of press cameras, they fall into each others arms. When Louis sees the pictures in the newspaper, he throws her out. She elopes with Frédérique, but when he is killed by accident and when Louis is killed as well, Marie Antoinette is suspected. She defends herself with an ode to her beloved and to love, proving that she is too sharp for the others and that this isn't the end of her.

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Marie Antoinette is niet dood Cast & Crew

Karlijn Sileghem
as Vivienne van Rapenburg
Flip Filz
as Lodewijk XVI
Lucas Van den Eynde
as Frédérique van Rapenburg
Gilda De Bal
as Keizerin
Carl van der Plas
as Secretaris Lodewijk
Chris Lomme
as Mevrouw Van Rapenburg
Dirk van Dijck
as Dokter
Do van Stek
as Visvrouw
Arne Sander
as Jonge Frédérique
Rense Westra
as Dierenarts