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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Triangle (2005) Karl Sheedy 2005 - 2005
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Gods Must Be Crazy Andrew Steyn 1981 Action, Comedy
Saturday Night at the Palace Van Vuuren 1987 Drama
Torn Allegiance The Boers - Henk 1988 Drama, Family, History
DeepStar Six 1989 0, Reality Tv, Game Show, Sport
Farewell to the King 1989 Action, Adventure, Drama
Windprints Henning 1990 Action, Drama, Thriller
The Fourth Reich Jan Taillard 1990 Drama
Taxi to Soweto Morace du Toit 1991 Comedy
The Good Fascist van Wyk 1992 Drama
Bopha! 1993 Drama
Friends Johan 1994 Drama
The Cage Clouse 1995 Drama
The White Lioness Dekker 1996 Crime, Mystery
Paljas Hendrik MacDonald 1998 Drama
Pure Blood General 2002 Horror
Final Solution Mr. Wolfaardt 2002 Action, Drama
Consequence Dr. Alexander Kopp 2003 Action, Thriller
Stander 2003 Action, Crime
Critical Assignment Thomas Rhines 2004 0, Game Show
Charlie Van Den Bergh 2004 Action, Crime, Drama
Red Dust Ben Hoffman 2005 Drama
Blood Diamond Rudolf Van De Kaap 2006 0, Game Show
Die Wonderwerker Gys van Rooyen 2012 Drama
Die Laaste Tango Kaptein Duvenhage 2013 Drama
Nothing for Mahala Hendrik 2013 Comedy
Pad na jou hart Basson Snr 2014 Romance
Twee Grade van Moord Ben Cloete 2015 Drama
Dis ek, Anna Windhond Weber 2015 Drama