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Film title: Marked Man
Language: English
Plot: Frank, an auto mechanic, witnesses the love of his life's demise at the hands of a drunk driver. Frank lets lose his rage, and kills the man. He then goes to prison, where he is framed for the murder of a fellow inmate. Frank sees escape as the only possible way to find out all the answers in the convoluted plot to kill that inmate, and find the proof to convict the true k

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Marked Man Cast & Crew

Roddy Piper
as Frank Gibson
Jane Wheeler
as Kate Gallagher
Miles O'Keeffe
as Vince Mallick
Chris Bolton
as Andy Gibson
Alina Thompson
as Sylvia Elkins
Dennis O'Connor
as Pappas
Richard Zeman
as Watters
Chip Chuipka
as Neal
Clare Sims
as Lisa Elkins
David Nichols
as Harvey Elkins
Desmond Campbell
as Squad Guard #1
Minor Mustain
as Rover Guard #2
Johnny Gore
as Rover Guard #3