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Wiki Biography: Charles Dennis began his career at the age of eight on the Canadian radio series "Peter and the Dwarf". He made his professional stage debut at 16 at the Red Barn Theatre. At 17 he became Canada's youngest film and theater critic, for the Toronto Telegram. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto. He made his film debut as a soldier in Patton (1970). His novels include "Shar-Li", "The Dealmakers", "Bonfire", "Stoned Cold Soldier" and "Given the Crime". His plays include "Going On", Significant Others", "SoHo Duo" and "Altman's Last Stand". With the late Anthony Perkins he wrote the play "After Goodnight".

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Marshall Efron


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Great American Dream Machine 1971 Comedy
Kidd Video 1984 Animation
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
THX 1138 TWA 1971 0, Game Show
Dynamite Chicken 1971
Bang the Drum Slowly 1973
California Dreaming 1979
Shogun Assassin 1980 Action, Adventure
The Big Bang Comrade in Chief 1987 Animation, Comedy
Talking Walls Erwin 1987 Drama
A Piece of Eden Andres 2000 Comedy, Drama
Home on the Range 2004 Animation, Family, Music
Robots Lamppost 2005 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
The Thing About My Folks 2006 Comedy, Drama
Marie and Bruce Ed 2008 Comedy, Drama