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Film title: Martin's Day
Language: English
Plot: Threatened with recapture after a prison escape, Martin Stechert grabs a 12-year-old as hostage. He proves to be named Martin, too - a quiet "good little boy" always obeying the rules, whom life has given only dismal loneliness and frustration in return. Soon he begins to admire "Stech" for his cheeky pranks against society and his desperate mission to make dreams come true. In a climactic moment, he chooses to stay with the man even though he could run away. Via hijacks and hijinx, they flee to the idyllic peace of the older Martin's childhood home, a cabin on a lake. But the police are close behind, impatient and trigger-h

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Martin's Day Cast & Crew

Richard Harris
as Martin Steckert
Lindsay Wagner
as Dr. Mennen
James Coburn
as Lt. Lardner
Justin Henry
as Martin
Karen Black
as Karen
John Ireland
as Brewer
Saul Rubinek
as Hitchhiker
R.H. Thomson
as Paul Mennen
Dwayne McLean
as Youngman
Frank Adamson
as Garby
Hugh Webster
as Gas Station Attendant
J. Winston Carroll
as Train Driver
Bob Windsor
as Train Engineer
Jeff Braunstein
as Berglas
Dini Petty
as Newscaster