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Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Wiki Biography: Martin Delaney was born to James and Gillian Delaney and is the second in four children. His father's family, originally from Ireland moved to England in the 40s. Gillian, Martin's mother was born in Rangoon the capital of Burma (Myanmar). Delaney had always a keen interest in movies from a young age, a fascination inspired by his father. In 1994 a School teacher convinced Delaney to appear in a play. After Peter Pan, Delaney was once more nudged into performing in the School's production of Oliver! As the lovable rogue - The Artful Dodger - a character of great confidence and zero shyness! It was the same year, after a taste for performing, that Martin stood in a line outside The London Palladium, in one of the biggest Theatre publicity stunts of the 90s. Thousands of children waited for hours to be seen for a role in the West End's, Oliver! Delaney indeed landed a part but for some reason his role in the show was delayed. In the space before he reached the world famous London Palladium, Martin joined a children's agent and immediately landed a role in 'Peter Pan - the British Musical' and his journey to the West End was accelerated. After performing Peter Pan and Oliver at School and then landing them in the same order in London's West End, he had the assumption he was carrying out his life's calling. Delaney quickly left Musical Theatre and moved on to Television and Film. He was a regular in the BAFTA nominated 'The Renford Rejects' once again playing the cheeky-chappy in Jason Summerbee. He seemed to fill these boots with ease and was cast in similar roles more regularly. Amongst TV projects in popular prime time slots he also worked with Paul Schofield and Malcolm MacDowell in films for Disney and Hallmark. Both of which were actors he greatly admired. Some years later Delaney returned to Theatre projects for writer Roy Williams in a new play, called 'Local Boy'. Again in 2005 Delaney played the ultimate lovable rogue- John Willmott, The Earl of Rochester in 'The Ministry of Pleasure'. Martin received acclaim for his portrayal of the complex, juxtaposed character and also caused a stir for appearing on stage naked! He had also gained an audience in Television Soap by 2000. Delaney had been a regular character in 'Family Affairs' a soap for which he had received many nominations for various awards, including 'Best Young Actor' and 'Best Actor' in 2001 and 2002 at The British Soap Awards. After leaving the show, Delaney headed for New Zealand where he played Samuel Whitaker, a Scottish chef in the highest rated home grown serial drama, 'Shortland Street'. It was in 2005 when Delaney was cast in 'Beowulf and Grendel', the movie than gave birth to 'Wrath of Gods', that Delaney met with Jon Gustafsson. The following year Martin returned to Iceland where he had played an American soldier in Clint Eastwood's Oscar winning, 'Flags of Our Father's' In recent years, whilst continuing his first love, the young actor has added other strings to his bow. Following some directing stints, including "The A-Z of Everything" for ITV, Delaney has Co-Produced 'Wrath of Gods' and even written additional material for his cousin's comedy, "The Kevin Bishop show".

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Family Affairs Paul Webb 1997 Drama
Renford Rejects 1998
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Rise Himself 2000
Stormhouse Brandon Faber 2011 Game Show, Reality Tv, Sport
A Teacher Classroom extra 2013
Judas Ghost Jerry Mackay 2013 Fantasy, Horror
Amar Akbar & Tony Tony 2015 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Bonded by Blood 2 Malcolm Walsh 2015 Crime