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Film title: Massive Retaliation
Language: English
Plot: Three families that are best friends head to their secret retreat when WW3 seems to be nearing. The adults arrive at the retreat and must endure the stress to come while the children are separated from the adults and have their own troubles along the way. This is a great story in the fact that many of these types of movies deal in violence while this one deals in the psychological aspect of the situ

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Massive Retaliation Cast & Crew

Tom Bower
as Kirk Fredericks
Karlene Crockett
as Marianne Briscoe
Peter Donat
as Lee Briscoe
Marilyn Hassett
as Lois Fredericks
Susan O'Connell
as Jackie Tolliver
Michael Pritchard
as Harry Tolliver
Jason Gedrick
as Eric Briscoe
Bobcat Goldthwait
as Ernie Rust
Mimi Fariña
as Susie Barker
Johnny Weissmuller Jr.
as Virgil Griffin
Christopher Burton
as Carl Fredericks
Molly Cohen
as Meghan Fredericks
Alex Drude
as Harry Tolliver Jr.
Doug Santana
as Peter Fredericks
Lisa Soloway
as Kimberly Briscoe