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Film title: Mathilde
Language: English
Plot: When Colonel Pretis of the U.N. falls in love with Mathilde, a local girl, during the Balkans war, he lets his passion overcome his sense of duty and responsibility in a country torn by civil war. But his emotions and the beautiful Croatian seaside blur the tragedies of war... until they all catch up with him in the most fatal manner.

Mathilde Series
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Mathilde Cast & Crew

Jeremy Irons
as Col. De Petris
Nutsa Kukhianidze
as Mathilde
Dejan Acimovic
as Croat corporal
Radko Polic
as Unemployed major
Ksenija Marinkovic
as Croat captain
Lea Gramsdorff
as Bella
Richard Harrington
as Babyface
Miki Manojlovic
as Journalist