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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Counterpoint 1967 Drama
Julia 1977 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Young Lions 1958 0, 0
Judgment at Nuremberg Hans Rolfe 1961 Drama, History
Five Finger Exercise 1962
The Reluctant Saint 1962 Comedy, Drama
Topkapi Walter Harper 1964 0, 0
Return From The Ashes 1965 Thriller
The Deadly Affair 1966
Counterpoint 1967 Drama
Krakatoa, East of Java 1968 0, 0
The Odessa File 1974 Drama, Thriller
The Man in the Glass Booth 1975
St. Ives 1976 Action, Crime, Drama
Cross of Iron 1977 Action, Drama
Avalanche Express 1979 Action, Thriller
Marlene 1984 Documentary
Morgen in Alabama Lawyer Landau 1985 Thriller
The Assisi Underground Col. Müller 1985 Drama, History
The Freshman Larry London 1990 0
The Rose Garden Aaron 1990 Drama
Labyrinth Himself 1991
Candles in the Dark 1993
A Far Off Place 1993 Adventure, Drama, Family
Justiz Isaak Kohler 1993 Drama
Abraham 1994
Little Odessa 1994 0
Through Roses Carl Stern 1997
Telling Lies in America 1997 Drama, Music
Vampires Cardinal Alba 1998 0, Reality Tv, Game Show, 0
The Eighteenth Angel Father Simeon 1998 Action, Horror, Adventure
Left Luggage 1998 Drama
Deep Impact Jason Lerner 1998 Action, Drama, Romance
Wer liebt, dem wachsen Flügel... Hochberg 1999 Drama, Romance
I Love You, Baby Walter Ekland 2000 Thriller
Festival in Cannes 2002 Comedy
The Black Hole Dr. Hans Reinhardt 2006 Game Show
The Brothers Bloom 2008
Julia 2008 0
House of the Sleeping Beauties Kogi 2008 Drama, Thriller
Flores negras Jacob Krinsten 2009 Thriller
Les brigands Mr. Escher 2013
The Chosen 2015 Game Show
Black Hole Dr. Hans Reinhardt 2018