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Film title: Meant to Be
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: When Will, an affable and ageless guardian angel, discovers he is being taken off the case of Amanda, the woman he's guarded for ten years, he discovers a funny feeling, a feeling that tells him he can't let her go, a feeling that angels are not allowed to feel, a feeling we call LOVE. Much to the chagrin of his best friend, and hoping desperately not to be caught by "The Boss", Will embarks on a campaign to win Amanda's heart away from the new men in her life, Ben. Will gives up his wings and makes himself 'visible' in the world and to Amanda for the first time. The only problem; as well as he knows Amanda; she has no idea who he is. And Will only has seven days to make her fall for him or he will be the one to take a fall, losing everything and becoming a fallen angel. Will discovers being human isn't as easy as he thought as he tries (and usually fails) to fit in, often to hilarious effect. Will gets a crash course in the crazy, hilarious, messy, beautiful thing we call living, and neither he nor Amanda will ever be the same.

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Meant to Be Cast & Crew

Kelly Reilly
as Amanda
Mía Maestro
as Gigi
Kris Marshall
as Archie
Marisé Alvarez
as Secretary
Jessenia Da Silva
as Female Angel
Simon Giles
as Photographer
Leonardo Castro
as Fire Shaman
Veraalba Santa
as Angel
Rafael Christian
as Partygoer
Norman Grant
as Senior Partner
Carlos Gabriel Rodriguez
as Clown and bicycle boy