Meat Loaf Biography

Birthday: 1947-09-27
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas USA
Height: 5' 10½" (1.79 m)
Wiki Biography: Meat Loaf was born in Texas, and moved to Los Angeles in 1967 to play in local bands and appear in musicals such as "Hair" and "As You Like It". He made his film debut with a memorable role in cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). In 1977, he and lyricist Jim Steinman released an operatic rock album called "Bat Out Of Hell", the record was huge and has sold 35,000,000 copies worldwide. However, the tour promoting the album took a toll on Meat's voice and left him unable to sing on the follow-up record "Bad For Good". Meat Loaf stayed in the dark through the eighties doing 4 records which never got any airplay or chart position in the US. Meat Loaf appeared in films Out of Bounds (1986) as a Pilot, and The Squeeze (1987) with Michael Keaton. But after getting back together with Steinman, they delivered a powerful sequel "Bat Out Of Hell II" which went to #1 in the US and UK. Bat II has now sold an excess of 20,000,000 copies. His TV credits include the Soldier being held prisoner in Vietnam in "Lightning Force" (1991), a mad Doctor who invents a serum to keep zombies from deteriorating in "Monsters" (1988) and a slick Landlord of a restaurant who ends up on the menu in HBO series "Tales from the Crypt" (1989). Meat Loaf has also appeared in Crazy in Alabama (1999) and Fight Club (1999).

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Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Meat Loaf


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Lightning Force Richard Talbot 1991 Action
Patrick Kielty Almost Live! 1999 Comedy
Leap of Faith 2002 - 2002 Comedy
EXTreme Dating 2005 Action
The Moment Sergeant Goodman 2013
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Urban Decay Rick Zero 0000
Rocky Horror Picture Show Eddie - Ex Delivery Boy 1975 Comedy, Musical
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Eddie - Ex Delivery Boy 1975 Comedy, Musical
Americathon 1979 Comedy
Feel the Motion Himself 1985 Comedy, Music
Out of Bounds 1986 Action, Crime, Thriller
Leap of Faith 1992 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Black Dog 1998 Action, Crime, Drama
Outside Ozona 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Crazy in Alabama 1999 0, 0
Fight Club Robert 'Bob' Paulson 1999 Drama
Gunshy Lew Collins 2000 Crime, Drama
Blacktop 2000 Drama, Thriller
Rustin 2001
Italian Ties Driver 2001 Drama, Family, Comedy
Focus Fred 2002 Drama, Romance
The Salton Sea 2002 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Wishcraft 2002 Horror
Formula 51 The Lizard 2002 Action, Comedy, Crime
Learning Curves Timmons 2003 Drama
A Hole in One Billy 2004 Comedy
Crazylove John 2006 Comedy, Drama, Romance
BloodRayne Leonid 2006 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Extreme Dating Marshall Jackson 2006 Action, Romance, Comedy
Rockpalast 2007
Polish Bar Joe 2010 Drama
Roadie 2011 0, 0
Snitch Dan 2012 Thriller
The Moment Sergeant Goodman 2013
Chasing Ghosts Richard Valbruno 2014 0, 0
Stage Fright Roger McCall 2014 Horror, Musical
TCB Baby Earl 2015 Comedy