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Film title: Meilleur espoir féminin
Language: French
Plot: Yvon Rance, a born hairdresser and an elegant middle-aged man with a perfect toupee, reigns in his native Brittany over a clientèle of little old ladies. But his main reason for living, his masterpiece, is Laetitia, his only daughter, whom he has single-handedly brought up for eighteen years and whom he fondly pictures as heading a cutting-edge hairdressing salon. But she has secretly auditioned for the movies and has been cast in the leading role... her life is about to change! For her father, this is a real catastrop

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Meilleur espoir féminin Cast & Crew

Sabine Haudepin
as Hélène
Chantal Lauby
as Françoise
Mohamed Hicham
as Kader Achour
Didier Flamand
as Belabre
Daniel Martin
as Michel
Philippe Beglia
as Andrea
Sylvie Granotier
as Claudia
Ticky Holgado
as Un SDF
Dora Doll
as Madame Guiguan
Jean-Pierre Foucault
as Animateur TV
Thierry Lhermitte
as Un comédien