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Film title: Meisje
Language: Flemish
Plot: Muriel moves from a small village to the big city of Brussels, hoping to start an independent life working as a museum guide. She rents a room from Laura, who has a room to spare now that her mother is in hospital. Laura is a vital and candid woman who has a child-wish but leads a very chaotic life. Meanwhile, Muriel's mother has a hard time accepting that her daughter leads a life of her own now, and she also faces some changes at the factory where she works. The movie follows the interconnected lifes of these three women of three different generations, who all face different problems.

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Meisje Cast & Crew

Els Dottermans
as Laura
Frieda Pittoors
as Martha
Wim Opbrouck
as Alain
Nico Sturm
as Luc
Lori Bosmans
as Alain's Daughter
Valentijn Dhaenens
as Disco boy 1
Ina Geerts
as Prostitute
Mathieu Ha
as Senzi
Krijn Hermans
as Assistant Curator
Viviane de Muynck
as Oscar's Mother
Luc Nuyens
as Nurse
Wouter Rosiers
as Alain's son
Mathijs Scheepers
as Disco boy 2