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Place of Birth: Stony Brook, New York, USA
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Wiki Biography: Melinda was born at home during a snow storm on February 7th in Stony Brook, Long Island. At the age of five, her originally German mother returned to Hamburg, taking Melinda with her. She attended a private school until the age of ten, and then returned to New York and attended a private school until the age of thirteen. It was during this time that Melinda first came in serious contact with acting and was enrolled in improvisation classes. At the age of thirteen Melinda moved to Boston and attended various acting workshops, scene study and improv groups at Tufts University. She attended Arlington High School for six months, her only enrollment at a public school. She also began modeling. When Melinda was fifteen she returned to Hamburg and finished High Shool. She was an active member in a youth theater group and performed consistently. During this time she also spent three months in Paris and performed in a french play. At nineteen Melinda was accepted at the Film Acting School Cologne and graduated February 2007. Shortly after, she was cast as the female lead in Perfect Hideout which motivated her return to the United States and brought her to Los Angeles, California.

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Melinda Y. Cohen Melinda Y. Cohen Melinda Y. Cohen Melinda Y. Cohen Melinda Y. Cohen Melinda Y. Cohen


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Perfect Hideout Celia 2008 Action, Comedy, Crime
Incendiary Mimi 2010 Mystery
Austin High Lambert 2011 Comedy
I Will Follow You Into the Dark Penny 2012 Drama, Horror, Romance
Paranormal Whacktivity The Professional 2013 Comedy, Horror