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Film title: Mexico City
Language: English
Plot: After divorce and the death of her two children, Mitch is headed for Oaxaca with her brother Sam, a photographer. During their one-day layover in Mexico City, Sam goes out for a night on the town and doesn't return. Mitch goes for help to the American embassy and starts her own search with the aid of Pedro, a cabbie. She finds the cantina where Sam was drinking and stands up to a gang leader to learn some of what happened that night. He gives her Sam's camera, and the photos on the last roll of film become the object of a hunt by some very determined criminals. Can Mitch find Sam, learn what he saw that night, and stay safe? Whom can she trust?

Mexico City Series
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Mexico City Cast & Crew

Stacy Edwards
as Mitch Cobb
Jorge Robles
as Pedro
Robert Patrick
as Ambassador Mills
Roberto Sosa
as Head Thug
Antonio Zavala Kugler
as Thin Faced Man
Geraldine Zinat
as Hotel Desk Clerk
Carlos Sanz
as Lieutenant Menedez
Rick Negron
as Mexico City Policeman
Ramon Alvarez
as Cantina Drunk
Jorge Malpica
as Doctor
Alejandro de la Peña
as Toupee Man
Beto Villareal
as Panama Hat Man
José Marrós
as Priest