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Film title: Mi ni te gong dui
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
Plot: Similar to "The Dirty Dozen" or one of that nature. Japan is trying to take over the world and the generals of the allied forces trying to stop the Japanese have been taken prisoner. A force of loners and fighters is put together to try and rescue the generals and save the war effort with the promise of gold and/or pardons of past crimes

Mi ni te gong dui Series
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Mi ni te gong dui Cast & Crew

Jackie Chan
as Sammy
Yu Wang
as Don Wen
Yueh Sun
as Old Sun
David Tao
as Billy
Jung Fang
as General
Shiu Bu Lia
as Stone
Frankie Gao
as Grease Lightning
Adam Cheng
as Amazon Leader
Ling Chang
as Emily