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Birthday: 1985-06-26
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, USA
Height: 6' 0½" (1.84 m)
Wiki Biography: Michael Cristian Greene is a writer and film director, known for his unique storytelling abilities. His memorable characters and his use of magical fantasy elements identify Mike's creativity as a filmmaker and separates his work from the norm.A proud Texas native, Mike was born in Houston. He ventured to Los Angeles two days after graduating from Texas A&M University. Traveling in an unreliable two-door coupe filled to the ceiling with his belongings, Mike's adventure began as soon as he hit the pavement. The 24-hour long drive encompassed flat tires, a stalled engine, his dead cellphone, tumultuous heat waves, severe thunderstorms, an hour long hail storm, and a deserted journey through the desert to find civilization and any sign of a mechanic. His arrival to LA was the first testament to his determination to become a filmmaker. It was also one more story for the books. Since then, Mike has maintained that determination and vision by cultivating a career out of entertaining his audience with unique experiences in commercials and films. Mike's distinct storytelling abilities and his imaginative childhood have been the driving force behind his passion for filmmaking and his love for entertainment.

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Michael Cristian Greene Michael Cristian Greene Michael Cristian Greene Michael Cristian Greene Michael Cristian Greene Michael Cristian Greene


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Isobel & The Pâtissier Patisserie Customer 2013 Comedy, Romance
Vampires in Venice Lead Vampire 2013 Horror