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Birthday: 1954-10-08
Place of Birth: Redondo Beach, California USA

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Michael Dudikoff Michael Dudikoff Michael Dudikoff Michael Dudikoff Michael Dudikoff Michael Dudikoff


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
I Ought to Be in Pictures 1982 Comedy, Drama
Bachelor Party Ryko 1984 0
American Ninja 1985 Action, Adventure, Romance
Radioactive Dreams Marlowe 1986
Avenging Force Capt. Matt Hunter 1986 Action, Drama, Thriller
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation Sgt. Joe Armstrong 1987 Action, Drama
Platoon Leader Lt. Jeff Knight 1988
River of Death John Hamilton 1989
Midnight Ride 1990 Action, Horror, Thriller
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation Joe Armstrong 1991 Action, Drama
The Human Shield Doug Matthews 1992 Action, Drama
Rescue Me Daniel 'Mac' MacDonald 1993 Action, Comedy
Soldier Boyz 1995
Cyberjack Nick James 1995 Action
Chain of Command Merrill Ross 1996 Action, Thriller
Strategic Command 1997 0, 0
Moving Target Sonny 1997 Action, Thriller, Drama
The Shooter Michael Atherton 1997
Black Thunder Vince 1998 Action, Drama
Freedom Strike Tom Dickson 1998 Drama, Action
Ringmaster 1998 Comedy
Musketeers Forever D'Artagnan 1998 Action, Adventure
The Silencer 1999
In Her Defense Andrew Garfield 1999 Drama, Thriller, Romance
Quicksand Bill Turner 2002 Drama, Thriller
Ablaze Daniels 2002 Drama, Action, Thriller
The Bouncer Samuel james 2015 Drama