Michael J. Pollard Biography

Birthday: 1939-05-30
Place of Birth: Passaic, New Jersey USA

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Michael J. Pollard


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Lux Playhouse 1958 Drama
Leo And Liz In Beverly Hills Leonard 1986 Comedy
The Toxic Crusaders 1991 Animation
Next of Kin 1995 - 1997 Action
Scrooged Herman 2010
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Summer Magic 1963 Comedy, Family, Musical
The Wild Angels 1966 Drama, Action
Bonnie and Clyde C.W. Moss 1967 Comedy, 0
Enter Laughing 1967 Comedy, Romance
Caprice 1967 Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Little Fauss and Big Halsy 1970 Drama
Dirty Little Billy Billy Bonney 1972
Melvin and Howard 1980 Comedy, Drama
Next of Kin 1982 Game Show, 0
Why Me? Ralph 1985
The Patriot Howard 1986 Action, Drama
America Bob Jolly 1986 Comedy
Roxanne 1987 0, Biography
The American Way Tesla 1987 Comedy
American Gothic Woody 1988 Horror
Scrooged Herman 1988 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland Herman Miranda 1989 Comedy, Horror
Fast Food Bud 1989 Comedy
Night Visitor 1989 Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Season of Fear Bob 1989 Thriller
Dark Angel Boner 1990 Reality Tv, 0, Game Show, Sport
Why Me? Ralph 1990 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Motorama 1991 0, 0
The Art of Dying Delbert 1991 Crime, Thriller
Enid Is Sleeping Motel Manager 1991 Comedy, Crime
Joey Takes a Cab Alan 1991
Split Second 1992 Reality Tv
Heartstopper Dr. Lubbock 1992 Horror
Arizona Dream 1993 0, Biography, 0
Skeeter Hopper 1994 Horror, Thriller
Mad Dog Time 1996 0, 0, 0
Merchants of Venus The Senator 1998 Comedy
The Unknown Cyclist Gabe Sinclair 1998 Drama
Stir Hotel Manager 1998 Drama, Thriller
Tumbleweeds 1999 0
Forever Lulu Hippie 2001 Comedy, Romance
Out of the Black Ned 2001 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Sunburnt Angels Cards 2011 Comedy, Crime
The Woods Moose 2012 Drama, Thriller