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Birthday: 1957-09-25
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois USA
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Wiki Biography: When he was 6'2" and 190 pounds, Michael Madsen--the brother of actress Virginia Madsen--was equally adept at portraying heroic as well as villainous characters. There's something in the way he delivers his lines with an underlying aggression masked behind his gravelly tones that makes you feel very uneasy about his true intentions. Madsen first honed his craft at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, where he worked under John Malkovich, one of the theater's founders. His first few film roles were minor ones, in such projects as Against All Hope (1982), Racing with the Moon (1984) and The Natural (1984). His work received considerable notice after his knife-edged performance as deranged killer Vince Miller in Kill Me Again (1989) and then as Susan Sarandon's rough-edged boyfriend Jimmy in Thelma & Louise (1991). His big breakthrough role came as the sadistic jewel thief Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino's low-budget hit Reservoir Dogs (1992). Audiences were glued to their seats as Madsen playfully danced around a tied-down and terrified police officer, slicing him with a knife and splashing gasoline all over the petrified man, all to the cheery tunes of Stealers Wheel 's 'Stuck In the Middle With You.' Not to be typecast, Madsen surprised many with his performance as foster parent Glen Greenwood in the hit family movie Free Willy (1993) before returning to another criminal role as bank robber Rudy Travis in the remake of the Steve McQueen heist flick The Getaway (1994), and then back again as Glen Greenwood in Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995). Madsen continues to turn in edge-of-the-seat performances as morally bankrupt individuals on the wrong side of the law, as in his intense on-screen showings in Donnie Brasco (1997), Mulholland Falls (1996) and High Noon (2000) (TV). In 2003 he teamed up again with Tarantino in both volumes of Tarantino's magnum martial arts/revenge opus Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) as the coldly evil Budd AKA Sidewinder. In addition to his film work, Madsen has contributed dialogue to two of Sony PlayStations's biggest-selling games, Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001) (VG) and Driv3r (2004) (VG), as well as writing several books of his own poetry. Although uncomfortable with fame, Madsen's star continues to shine in Hollywood and his droll yet captivating acting style is ensuring him a steady flow of work as one on the screen's favorite heavies. IMDb Mini Biography By: firehouse44 (qv's & corrections by A. Nonymous) Mini Biography Michael Madsen is most notably recognized for his role as the sadistic killer Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (1992). Although his career has leaned towards playing tough guys, partly because of his strong 6'2" stature and husky voice, Michael has been working to change that image. Most recently, he gave a remarkable performance in Strength and Honour (2007) as Sean Kelleher, a boxer who promised his dying wife that he would never fight again. When their son becomes ill following her death, he returns to the ring to fight in order to pay for son's costly medical treatment. Michael Madsen's career spans over 25 years and over 170 films. He has played memorable characters in a myriad of box office hits, including The Doors (1991), Thelma & Louise (1991), The Getaway (1994), Mulholland Falls (1996), Donnie Brasco (1997), Species II (1998), Die Another Day (2002), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), Sin City (2005), Hell Ride (2008), and the loving father in Free Willy (1993) and the sequel Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995). Michael also is an accomplished poet, with over eight books released. Michael continues to turn in memorable performances and continues to stretch as an actor. Some believe his best work is yet to come.

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Michael Madsen Michael Madsen Michael Madsen Michael Madsen Michael Madsen Michael Madsen


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Our Family Honor Augie Danzig 1985 Drama
Free Willy Glen Greenwood 1993 Family
Renegade Wallace Sebastian Blount 1995 - 1996
Vengeance Unlimited Mr. Chapel 1998 Crime
Big Apple Terry Maddock 2001 Drama
Animal Precinct 2001 Crime
Jesse James: Outlaw Garage Himself 2012 Reality Tv
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Natural Bartholomew 'Bump' Bailey 1984
The Killing Time Stu 1987 Thriller
Iguana Sebastián 1988 0, Reality Tv, Game Show
Blood Red Enzio 1989 Drama, Romance
Kill Me Again 1989 Action, Crime, Drama
Voodoo Dawn 1990
Shadows in the Storm Earl 1990 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
The Doors Tom Baker 1991 0
Thelma & Louise Jimmy 1991 0, 0, Game Show
Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde - Vic Vega 1992 Game Show, Comedy, 0
Beyond The Law 1992 Game Show, 0, 0
Straight Talk 1992 Comedy
Almost Blue Morris Poole 1992 Drama, Thriller
Fatal Instinct Cliff Burden 1992 Thriller
Inside Edge Richard Montana 1992 Action, Crime
Trouble Bound Harry Talbot 1993 0, Game Show, 0
Free Willy Glen Greenwood 1993 Family, Adventure, Drama
Money for Nothing Detective Laurenzi 1993 Comedy, Crime, Drama
The Getaway Rudy Travis 1994 Action, Adventure, Crime
Wyatt Earp Virgil Earp 1994 Action, Adventure
Dead Connection Det. Matt Dickson 1994 Thriller, Drama
Species Preston Lennox 1995 Reality Tv, 0, Sport
A House in the Hills Mickey 1995 Romance, Thriller
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home Glenn 1995 Family, Adventure, Drama
Man with a Gun John Wilbur Hardin 1995 Action, Drama, Thriller
Mulholland Falls Eddie Hall 1996 Game Show, Comedy
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly Sal 1996 Comedy, 0
The Maker Skarney 1997 Game Show
The Girl Gets Moe Donnelly 1997
Donnie Brasco Sonny Black 1997 Crime, Drama
Executive Target Nick James 1997 Action, Adventure, Crime
Species II Press Lenox 1998 Sport, 0, Reality Tv
Rough Draft Haynes 1998 Horror, Thriller
Papertrail FBI Agent Brad Abraham 1998 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Florentine Whitey 1999
The Sender Dallas Grayson 1999 Action
Flat Out Gene 1999 Drama
The Alternate Agent Jack Briggs 2000 0, Game Show
The Price of Air Mr. Ball 2000 Action, Crime, Drama
Pressure Point Jed Griffin 2001 0
Fall: The Price of Silence Jeremy Banes 2001 Action
The Ghost Dan Olinghouse 2001 Action, Thriller
Luck of the Draw Zippo 2001 Thriller, Crime, Drama
L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve Lt. Alexander 2001 Crime, Drama, Action
Extreme Honor Sparks 2001 Action, Drama
Die Another Day Damian Falco 2002 Game Show, 0
Love.com Russ 2002 Thriller
The Thief & the Stripper Jimmie D. 2002 Crime, Drama, Thriller
My Boss's Daughter T. J. 2003 0
44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out Frank McGregor 2003 Crime, Drama, Action
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Budd 2003 Action, Crime, Drama
Vampires Anonymous Geno 2003 Comedy
The Stray Ben 2004 Thriller
Renegade Wallace Sebastian Blount 2004 Adventure
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Budd 2004 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Real Deal Baker Jacks 2004 Drama, Romance, Thriller
Jacked$ Boss 2005 Comedy, Crime
Hoboken Hollow J.T. Goldman 2005 Horror
BloodRayne Vladimir 2006 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
All In Seal 2006 Comedy, Drama
Scary Movie 4 Oliver 2006 Comedy
UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine Major Blevins 2006 Horror
Croc Croc Hawkins 2007 Reality Tv, 0
Afghan Knights Cooper 2007 0, Reality Tv
Boarding Gate Miles Rennberg 2007 0, Game Show
Tooth and Nail 2007 Reality Tv, Game Show, Sport
Ultimate Target Uncle 2007 Action, Thriller, Adventure
Machine Ray 2007 Crime, Drama
Living & Dying Agent Lind 2007 Action, Crime, Thriller
L.A. Dicks Steven Miller 2007 Comedy, Crime
Canes Guillermo List 2007 Horror, Thriller
Being Michael Madsen Himself 2007
Strength and Honour Sean Kelleher 2007 Action, Drama
Last Hour Monk 2008
Break The Associate 2008 Action, Crime, Drama
No Bad Days Lester 2008 Action, Adventure, Comedy
45 R.P.M. Major Baxter 2008 Drama
Lost in the Woods Stuart Bunka 2008 Family
Road of No Return J. Marcone 2008 Action, Drama
Clear Lake, WI The Reverend 2009 Thriller
You Might as Well Live Clinton Manitoba 2009 Comedy
Outrage: Born in Terror Farragut 2009 Game Show, 0, 0
Hell Ride The Gent 2009 Action, Adventure, Drama
Deep Winter Dean 2009 Action, Adventure
A Way with Murder Vick Donovan 2009 Thriller
Hired Gun Dan Moeller 2009 Action
Shannon's Rainbow Dave Blair 2009 Family
Euthination Reporter 2009 Horror
Serbian Scars Dreq 2009 Action, Drama, Thriller
The Tomb George 2009 Horror, Thriller
Six Days in Paradise Rich McShane 2010 Action, Comedy
Money to Burn John Lawson 2010 Action, Comedy
The Kid: Chamaco Willie 2010 Drama
Terror Trap Carter 2010 Game Show
The Portal Dr. Azirra 2010
Let the Game Begin Dr. Turner 2010 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
The Big I Am Martell 2010 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Krach William 2010 Action, Drama, Thriller
Now Here Leblanc 2010 Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Federal Sam Gibson 2010 Drama, Thriller
The Brazen Bull The Man 2010 Thriller
Not Another Not Another Movie Lester Storm 2011 Comedy
Pyataya kazn Rik 2011 Action
Joshua Tree Lou 2011 Action
The Forest Lt. Brandon Ross 2011 Horror, Thriller
Dirty Little Trick Vito 2011 Crime, Thriller
Beyond the Trophy Cole Lambert 2012 0, Comedy
Loosies Lt. 'Sully' Sullivan 2012 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Refuge from the Storm Steve Grecco 2012 Drama
Magic Boys Terence 2012 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Prince of the City Ben Carlton 2012 Action, Crime, Thriller
The Ninth Cloud Bob 2013 Drama
Day of Redemption Lou 2013 Action
Ashley Bill 2013
Lionhead Walter Powell 2013 0, 0
ICE Agent Carlos Garcia 2013
Garbage Himself 2013 0, 0
Terrible Angels Ben Nolan 2013 Thriller
Sins Expiation Don Mancino 2013 Thriller
Along the Roadside Jerry 2013 Comedy, Music, Romance
Infected Louis Hartley 2013 Action, Horror
A Sierra Nevada Gunfight Sheriff Sawyer 2013
I'm in Love with a Church Girl Frank Harris 2013 Drama
Dirty Dealing 3D Dean 2014 Drama
Chasing Ghosts Kevin Harrison 2014 0, 0
The Genesis of Lincoln Ward Hill Lamon 2014 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Turnaround Jake Russell O'Malley 2014 Comedy, Drama, Family
2047 - Sights of Death Lobo 2014 Action, Thriller
South of Hope Street Ed 2015
Memoirs from the Streets of New York Vinny Seka 2015 Drama
The Witching Hour The Detective 2015 Thriller
Q-4: Dream Corporation Brandon Paton 2015
Magi Lawrence Irlam 2015 Horror
Lumberjack Man Dr. Peter Shirtcliff 2015 Comedy, Horror
Sacred Blood Detective Brennan 2015 Drama
Skin Traffik The Boss 2015 Action, Crime
The Lost Tree John 2015 Drama, Thriller
CobraGator Layton 2016 Action
Flipped Casey 2016 Drama, Thriller
Surface to Air Gunnery Sgt. Zach Massin 2017