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Film title: Midnight Mass
Language: English
Plot: After an outbreak of a mysterious virus, the world is dominated by vampires helped by the traitorous Vichys. The atheist Gwen Waters leaves the small town of St. Anthony on her bicycle, trying to find the alcoholic Priest Joe Cahill and bring him back to her town to give hope to the humans dwelling there. Father Joe rebuilds the church with the support of some locals but is attacked by vampires and Vichys leaded by the evil Father Alberto Palmeri, in a battle between good and evil.

Midnight Mass Series
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Midnight Mass Cast & Crew

Julia Cornish
as Raven
Elizabeth Vance
as Dakota
Mariana Matthews
as 'Mickey' Edwards
Pamela Karp
as Gwen Waters
as Vichy #3
St James
as Vichy #1
Candice Leigh Bauman
as Blonde Woman
Melissa Crawford
as Vampire--extra
Larry Dane
as Newscaster 1
David Dwyer
as Carl Edwards
Harry Ferone
as Interviewer
Kelly Gesualdo
as Tottoo Girl
Douglas Gibson
as Fr. Joe Cahill
John Henning
as Face
Keith Lister
as Newscaster 3