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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Jesse Hawkes 1989 Adventure
Something for Nothing Det. Bianchi 2013 Family
The Flash Lt. Warren Garfield 2014 Sport
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Code of Silence 1985 Action, Crime, Drama
The Invisible Kid Officer Chuck Malone 1988 Comedy
From Hollywood to Deadwood Ernie November 1989 Crime, Mystery
Veiled Threat Wags 1989
A Killer Among Us 1990 Drama, Thriller
Oblivion Marshall Stone 1994 Adventure
Oblivion 2: Backlash Marshall Stone 1996
Sister Island J.D.Lynch 1996 Drama
Executive Target Det. Smoke 1997 Action, Adventure, Crime
Durango Kids Tom Walsh 1999 Family, Fantasy
Escaping Jersey Rocky 2001
Harvey's Speech Harvey 2001
After the Game Sam Kawalski 2004 Drama, Mystery
White Space Hawthorne 2013 Thriller
Finding Neighbors Mike 2013 Comedy, Drama