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Film title: Mirakel
Language: Danish
Plot: Ttwelve-year-old boy Dennis P lives in Copenhagen with his mother. Since the death of his father, his mother has been both depressed and overprotective. At school he struggles to cope with a mean and obsessive teacher, and the girl he likes seems to be more interested in his best friend than him. One day he walks into a church and, expecting little effect, exclaims his wishes of better luck at home and at school. Miraculously, an angel who looks a lot like Dennis' father appears and presents him the gift of a pair of angel wings. From then on, Dennis can literally get anything he points at, changing the behaviour of other people as he sees fit. It's the experience of a lifetime, but can it last?

Mirakel  Series
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Mirakel Cast & Crew

Stefan Pagels Andersen
as Dennis 'Dennis P.' Petersen
Sidse Babett Knudsen
as Mona Petersen, Dennis' mor
Peter Frödin
as Sandstrøm
Thomas Bo Larsen
as Sendebudet / Dennis' far
Sebastian Jessen
as Michael 'Mick'
Stephania Potalivo
as Karen Elise
Sevik Perl
as Grillejer Giorgos
Olaf Nielsen
as Tjener
Signe Fabricius
as Micks mor
Mette Berggreen
as Micks mors veninde
Regitze Stenderup
as Dansepige uden partner
Magnus Rudbech
as Lille Dennis P