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Watch Mommy Online
Film title: Mommy
Language: English
Plot: An unofficial "sequel" to "The Bad Seed", Patty McCormack's "Mommy" is psychotically obsessed with her 12-year-old daughter Jessica Ann -- so much so that when she finds out Jessica didn't get the "Student of the Year" award again, she solves the problem by murdering the teacher who didn't recommend her for it. She dismisses the killing as inconsequential ("a minor accident"), but the homicide detective assigned to the case suspects her immediately, and an insurance investigator who also suspects her tries to get close to Jessica Ann to find out what really happened.

Mommy Cast & Crew

Rachel Lemieux
as Jessica Ann
Jason Miller
as Lt. March
Michael Cornelison
as Mark Jeffries
Majel Barrett
as Mrs. Withers
Mickey Spillane
as Attorney Neal Ekhardt
Sarah Jane Miller
as Miss Jones the Janitor
Marian Wald
as Principal
Mark Spellman
as Detective
Janelle Vanerstrom
as Substitute Teacher
Judith Meyers
as Hallway Teacher
Nathan Collins
as Gleeful Kid
Tom Castillo
as Ambulance Attendant #1
Tom Summit
as Ambulance Attendant #2