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Film title: Mondo Holocausto!
Language: English
Plot: Serafina is a beautiful photojournalist in New York City circa 1977. She heads to the Amazon on assignment to find a missing adventurer known as Diamondback; but things go terribly awry when vicious, misanthropic cannibals start eating the peaceful tribal villagers out of hut and home.

Mondo Holocausto! Series
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Mondo Holocausto! Cast & Crew

Noah Hathaway
as Ruggero Margheriti
Richard Tyson
as Diamondback
James Duval
as Nacho
Felissa Rose
as Fabiana
Mona Marshall
as Mother Superior
Nick Nicotera
as Picante
Brooke Lewis
as Laura
Nick Principe
as Aristide Rassimov, Hitman
Caley Chase
as Sister Marmalade
Robert Amstler
as Carter
Nicole Fantl
as Serafina
Taylor Renee Campbell
as Sister Lemmings