Watch Money Buys Happiness Online

Watch Money Buys Happiness Online
Film title: Money Buys Happiness
Language: English
Plot: A married Seattle couple struggle in their relationship as they approach the millennium, each looking for new directions in their life. He dreams of shedding all material worth and going on a spiritual awakening. She wants a new relationship with an old lover who wrote her a love note years ago. When a male friend commits suicide, he leaves all of his belongings to his friends. The two choose a piano from his possessions, which comes to represent the couple's relationship as he pushes the piano 50 blocks across the city to their home. In all, the film examines a destructive relationship that struggles with even the simp

Money Buys Happiness Cast & Crew

Megan Murphy
as Georgia
Caveh Zahedi
as Steve
Francesca Abellera
as Woman in Salon
Ian Bell
as Yard Sale Man
Mark Chamberlin
as Mr. Jackson
Christina Mastin
as Music Producer
Morgan Murphy
as Nightmare
Matt Olsen
as Studio Engineer
Matthew Richter
as Surly Barista