Watch Money Shot Online

Watch Money Shot Online
Film title: Money Shot
Language: English
Plot: When given keys to a mansion for the weekend, two friends decide to make a film but end up throwing a huge party and trashing the house. Now they race to get the "money shot" and finish their film to pay for all the damages done.

Money Shot Cast & Crew

Jason Mewes
as The Pimp
Josh Hammond
as Lake Palmer
Bill McAdams Jr.
as Billy Sham
Jessica Sonneborn
as Lena Starr
Kristina Page
as Piper Prego
Al Snow
as Joey Prego
Augie Duke
as The Hooker
Noel Thurman
as Grandma / Joey Prego's new wife
Jennifer Kristin Cox
as Tennessee
Barnaby Duke
as Bartender
Jennifer A. Blum
as Waxing Girl
Renee Clark
as Destiny
Dave Cobert
as Johnny Rock & Roll