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Film title: Moonlight Sonata
Language: English
Plot: Can we escape the consequences of our moral choices? Are our sins ever forgotten or live on in our repressed memories? Racing towards chaos and destruction, an affluent San Francisco family finds out in "Moonlight Sonata" (a modern, character-driven drama and a cliffhanger psychological thriller).

Moonlight Sonata Series
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Moonlight Sonata Cast & Crew

M.J. Karmi
as Alice
Sita Young
as Lisa
Nate Reese
as Dr. Seaborg
Ann-Marie Jolly
as Inspector Brown
Daniel Will-Harris
as Bob Liner
Karl Antony
as Dr. Smith
Edith Reiner
as Maria
Celia Shuman
as Dr. Rosen
Taren Howes
as Betsy
Kay Ewing Donato
as Dr. Seaborg's Secretary
Maggie Grant
as Jean Liner