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Motorway Cops Series
Premiere: 2011
Network: ABC
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Sessons: 5
Full Episodes: 3
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Baloo, is one of the main characters in the series. Caring, nice, lazy and always hungry no matter what. He always make sure that the cubs stay together and do not have any problems with each other. Louie the ape is a crazy animal who likes to have fun and wants to be king one day of the jungle. Bagheera is a smart cleaver and knowledgable panther who doesn't get into much trouble. Hathi is the one of the main cubs that keeps the cubs together also and makes a troop to make sure that nothing keeps them away. Shere Kahn is the selfish most jealous cub around that w ants to be king of the jungle so that he can rule it. And Kaa is a slithering snake that likes to hypnotize many animals around the jungle. With these cubs staying together, they form a family and take there times to spend with each other before growing up and becoming real adults animals. Jungle Cubs became children's favorite show that appeared on ABC's One Saturday Morning. Then ended in 1998 of January, a third season was scheduled but was never made and the series was cancelled. more less
Motorway Cops S05E06
Last Episode, 07 October 2013: Season 5, Episode 6: White Lines
More than fifty tons of heroin and cocaine are sold in the country each year.
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Season 5
09 September 2013 Season 5, Episode 2: Duty of Care
Season 5
30 September 2013 Season 5, Episode 5: Out of Control
Season 5
07 October 2013 Season 5, Episode 6: White Lines