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Film title: Moving Targets
Language: English
Plot: Jackson, a former cop turned private eye, has been hired by a wealthy Beverly Hills family to find their missing daughter who's disappeared into the Hollywood underground, possibly in the sex/ porn industry. This case takes him into some dark corners of the city with a lot of dangerous and unsavory characters. Sarah, whose life he saved in his former career, asks to join him on this risky and uncertain journey. Though dubious, Jackson takes her on. Sarah is plagued by recurring nightmares of the horror she suffered before Jackson rescued her. The meds she's been given to calm her nerves are bringing on wild, macabre hallucinations. The rescue assignment with Jackson is her way of conquering those demons once and forever. Things come full-circle with Jackson and his supposedly dead ex-partner Brills when Jackson's persuaded to rejoin the force for one last assignment: to take down Brills and LA crime boss Mardig, who have killed a cop and are dealing chemical weapons to the Korean mob....

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Moving Targets Cast & Crew

Korrina Rico
as Christine
Gary Hudson
as Brills
Mark Rhino Smith
as Traxler
T.J. Hoban
as Fraley
Kristen DeLuca
as Veronica
Roman Mitichyan
as Mardig
Paul Francis
as Kyle