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Film title: Mr. Nice Guy
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Plot: Melbourne, Australia. TV Journalist Diana tapes evidence against drug lord Giancarlo, but on her way away from the scene, she is spotted and has to run. In the street, she runs into TV cook Jackie, whose knowledge of martial arts helps her survive the threat. Accidentally, her VHS-tape then gets mixed up with some kid's films in Jackie's car and so all the bad guys are after him as well as Diana, without him knowing where to find the right tape. But when Jackie's visiting girlfriend Miki gets kidnapped for the tape as ransom, Jackie puts the image of being the nice and friendly TV cook aside and goes to see Mr. Giancarlo himself to get her back: playtime's ov

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Mr. Nice Guy Cast & Crew

Jackie Chan
as Jackie
Richard Norton
as Giancarlo
Miki Lee
as Miki
Karen McLymont
as Lakisha
Vince Poletto
as Romeo
Barry Otto
as Baggio
Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
as Cyclist
Emil Chau
as Ice Cream Vendor
Joyce Godenzi
as Cook Show Audience
Peter Houghton
as Richard
Peter Lindsay
as Grank, Demon Leader
Rachel Blakely
as Sandy, Demon
Judy Green
as Tina, Demon