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Film title: Musketeers Forever
Language: English
Plot: Group of ex-secret agents open a jazz club in Las Vegas. One of them falls in love with an Indian, and finds out that the local Indian Reserve is threatened by the greed of a powerful gangster. So, like three modern musketeers, they start to a

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Musketeers Forever Cast & Crew

Michael Dudikoff
as D'Artagnan
Lee Majors
as Ben O'Connor
Martin Neufeld
as Kenton Carwford
Daniel Pilon
as Julius Bonaparte
Serge Houde
as Roland Locksley
Sabine Karsenti
as Malila
Flint Eagle
as Tokala
Michel Perron
as Sheriff Burke Douglas
Tony Calabretta
as Falconetti
Andy Bradshaw
as Deputy Charlie
Richard Robitaille
as Deputy Sam
Pierre Plante
as Businessman