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Film title: My Brother Jack
Language: English, Italian
Plot: Anthony Caldarella's debut feature is a semi-autobiographical account of a working-class, Italian-American family living on Manhattan's lower east side in the mid-sixties. Rose Casale and her four sons - Sal, who runs a local trattoria, Vincent, a struggling blues singer, Jack, a charismatic magician, and Joey, the youngest - have achieved a level of sustenance that any family would cherish. But at 24, Jack has replaced his love of magic with an uncontrollable craving for heroin and his addiction tests the family'

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My Brother Jack Cast & Crew

Marco Leonardi
as Jack Casale
Freddy Rodríguez
as Joey Casale
Michael Cavalieri
as Vincent Casale
Peter Allas
as Salvatore Casale
Susan Priver
as Carol Jacobs / Casale
Karen Kondazian
as Rose Casale
Tony Giorgio
as Rocco
Gino Battaglia
as Rinaldo Casale
Rick Pasqualone
as George
Al Vicente
as Mario
Mario Opinato
as Modesto Coco
Megan Zakar
as Anna
George Russo
as Gregory