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Film title: Naming Number Two
Language: English
Plot: Living in Mt. Roskill, Auckland, Nana Maria struggles to get her grandchildren together for a traditional Fijian feast in which she means to name her successor as Matriarch. Film runs over about a 18 hour or so period of

Naming Number Two Series
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Naming Number Two Cast & Crew

Ruby Dee
as Nanna Maria
Mia Blake
as Charlene
Rene Naufahu
as Erasmus
Miriama McDowell
as Hibiscus
Xavier Horan
as Tyson
Tuva Novotny
as Danish Maria
Antony Starr
as Shelly
Tanea Heke
as Aunty Cat
Nathaniel Lees
as Uncle John
Pio Terei
as Uncle Percy
Joe Folau
as Pule
Michelle Ang
as Grace