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Wiki Biography: Naomi Coai, is an Actress, Voice Over (VO) Artist, TV Host and Writer. At the very young age of 8, she started showing artistic gifts such as writing and performing. These artistic talents led her to tape her first TV commercial at 13 years old and, and to appear in many plays & TV Shows in her native country, Puerto Rico. She attended "Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico", meanwhile she was working as a promo model and having appearances at the #1 late night TV show of Puerto Rico, 'No te Duermas'.In 2004 she moved to Los Angeles, where her career took off since then; acting for a few local TV Channels in Los Angeles and performing for more than 15 plays. 3 of these plays for which she played the lead role, have been brought back by popular demand, with recurring seasons. In 2007 she became the TV Host for "The American Chart Show" in its Spanish version for Mexico, and started working as a Radio & VO Talent (Voice Over). She also have performed for several independent films. Her performances lead us either to laugh or cry, as her strong acting skills for both drama or comedy.She continues shooting new films, working for her own TV & Theater productions, and leaving a legacy for the young ones. Like she says: "If you would like to know what's your purpose in this life, just think about how you would like to be remembered"

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Rancho, Oro y Sangre Lupita 2009 Action, Adventure, Thriller
A Fatal Friend Reporter #1 2014 Thriller