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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Thin Man 1934 Comedy
Northwest Passage 'Cap' Huff 1940 Action
Rookies Sgt. Michael Collins 2008
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Blonde Crazy 1931 0, Comedy
The Sign of the Cross 1933 Drama, History
Lady for a Day 1933 Comedy
College Coach 1933 Drama, Sport
The Thin Man 1934 0, Comedy
Manhattan Melodrama 1934 Crime, Drama, Romance
The Girl from Missouri 1934 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Gay Bride Shoots Magiz 1934
The Great Ziegfeld 1936 Drama, Musical
The Shopworn Angel 1938 0, Biography
Young Dr. Kildare Joe Wayman 1938 Drama
At the Circus 1939 0
It's a Wonderful World Sgt. Koretz 1939
Another Thin Man 1939 Comedy, Mystery, Drama
Northwest Passage Capt. Huff 1940
Buck Privates Sgt. Michael Collins 1941 Comedy, Musical
Scared to Death 1947 Thriller
Buck Privates Come Home Sgt. Michael Collins 1947 Comedy
The World of Abbott and Costello 1965 Comedy, Documentary