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Height: 5' 1" (1.55 m)
Wiki Biography: Natasha Leigh was born on March 7th 1987 in Australia. She studied at the Australian Acting Academy from the age of fifteen in their 'School of Excellence Ensemble' lead by QAP Founder Mirjana Ristevski' in 2004. In 2005, Natasha Leigh moved to Melbourne to pursue her acting career and studied under director, writer & ex 'Head of Music for NIDA' Anthony Crowley in the 'St Martins Youth Theatre Performance Ensemble'. The same year she won a role in 'Aquamarine' (a fantasy film starring Joanna "JoJo" Levesque, Emma Roberts, and Sara Paxton which took No.5 place at the box office in America on its opening weekend making 8 million). She then moved into a leading role in the independent film 'End of Town' directed by Jury Prize Cannes Film Festival, AFI & Australian Directors Guild Winner Julius Avery. 2007 brought about Natasha Leigh's first regular role in the SBS Television series 'Kick' directed by AFI Award Winning Director Esben Storm, also staring Kat Stewart, Maria Mercedes, Firass Dirani, Zoe Ventoura, George Kapiniarisv & Anh Do. She has then had leading guest roles on many of Australia's television programs, playing Carla Turner in Southern Stars 'Neighbours'(2011), Holly Maynard in 'City Homicide'(2010), Michelle in 'Cops :Lac'(2010), Carrie in 'Rush' (2009) & 'Anna' in 'Canal Road' (2007). From there Natasha Leigh jumped into a singing and dancing leading role in the SBS hit comedy 'Bogan Pride' (2008), staring opposite 'Bridesmaids' & 'Fat Pizza' comedian Rebel Wilson. 2010 proved to be a massive year for Natasha Leigh, with her breakthrough role in the award winning hit series 'Underbelly: The Golden Mile'. With over 2.5 million viewers, her role as Mellissa Hollingsworth opposite Emma Booth ('Clubland' & 'The Boys are Back') won her national credibility. She has since been touring London and Los Angeles following the success of various independent films she has starred in. Natasha Leigh is currently producing a documentary which follows the fascinating life story of a couple who have developed a series of ceremonies called The Template which is based on the science of biog-circuitry and sacred geometry.

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Aquamarine Patty 2006 0, 0, 0