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Birthday: 1970-09-29
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California USA
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
Wiki Biography: She was surrounded by Hollywood glamor from the onset as the daughter of film star Natalie Wood and British producer/writer/agent Richard Gregson, who was married to Wood from 1969-1972. Natasha Gregson was born on September 29, 1970, in Los Angeles. Her mother was of Russian heritage and christened her Natalia but affectionately nicknamed her Natasha during her childhood -- hence, the name. Her parents separated before she was even a year old, and Natalie married Robert Wagner when Natasha was 22 months. It's hardly surprising, therefore, that the young girl expressed an early interest in acting. The tragic Catalina Island drowning of her mother on November 29, 1981, when Natasha was only 11, left deep emotional scars that would ultimately carry into the dark-edged roles she would play in Hollywood. The dark-eyed and dark-haired actress certainly bears more than a passing resemblance to her father rather than her famous mom. Unlike Natalie, Natasha has downplayed the glamor and displays a quirky, ditsy-like appeal. Refusing to conform to Hollywood standards, she has instead carved out her own individual path, finding herself much more attracted to offbeat and unconventional material. She debuted in a minor part in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) and initially went around playing cute and plucky in such innocuous TV-movie fare as The Shaggy Dog (1994) (TV), the remake of the 1950s Disney classic, and the juvenile delinquent 1950s spoof Dragstrip Girl (1994) (TV). In 1995 Natasha had a top role in one of the "Hart to Hart" TV mini-movies that served to reunite her former stepfather with his former co-star Stefanie Powers. Natasha started creating a major buzz shortly thereafter as her characters grew edgier, uninhibited and more risk-taking. In David Lynch's Lost Highway (1997) she turned heads as Balthazar Getty's cheating girlfriend, and played an adulterous wife in Quiet Days in Hollywood (1995). The ball really started rolling with her standout role as the feisty, street-savvy Lou in the improvisation-styled romantic triangle Two Girls and a Guy (1997). With Robert Downey Jr. and Heather Graham, the film truly captured Natasha's gift for gab and off-the-wall magnetism. From there she continued to offer solid work in hit-and-miss showcases. She co-starred with Giovanni Ribisi in the sexy, no-holds-barred First Love, Last Rites (1997) as a white-trash couple who assertively reevaluate their relationship between the sheets. Her most prominent film to date was Another Day in Paradise (1998), where she and Vincent Kartheiser played a drug-addicted couple who goes on the run with James Woods and Melanie Griffith. Natasha had two explicit sex scenes with Kartheiser in the film, one of which was cut from the theatrical release in order to avoid an NC-17 rating. Although Natasha has taken a couple of U-turns into the mainstream, notably as a decapitated victim in the slasher horror opus Urban Legend (1998), they have been few and far between. During the filming of the well-received John Cusack film High Fidelity (2000), Natasha and the film's screenwriter/co-producer D.V. DeVincentis became an item, and the couple married in 2003, but divorced in 2008. Natasha was a cast member of the short-lived TV series "Pasadena" (2001). She continues her affinity for the weird but compelling with the more recent films Glam (1997), The Medicine Show (2001), Wishing Time (2003) and Wonderland (2003), the last one a sensationalized account of the true-life mass murder committed by Los Angeles dope dealers in which drug-ravaged porn star John Holmes was involved -- Natasha portrayed one of the victims. In more recent years, she has appeared in less independent films and resorted to guest roles on TV shows like "House M.D." (2004) in 2008. Natasha had a long-term relationship with Josh Evans.

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Natasha Gregson Wagner Natasha Gregson Wagner Natasha Gregson Wagner Natasha Gregson Wagner Natasha Gregson Wagner Natasha Gregson Wagner


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Fathers and Sons Lisa 1992 Drama
Pasadena Beth Greeley 2001 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Fathers & Sons Lisa 1992 Drama, Thriller
Dark Horse Martha 1992 Drama
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cassandra 1992 Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Dead Beat Kirsten 1994 Thriller
The Outpost Wendy 1995 Horror
High School High Julie Rubels 1996 Comedy, Crime, Romance
Quiet Days in Hollywood Kathy 1997 Comedy, Drama
Dogtown Sara Ruth 1997 Drama, Romance
Another Day in Paradise Rosie 1998
Two Girls and a Guy 1998 Comedy, Drama
Glam Vanessa Mason 1998 Drama
First Love, Last Rites 1998 Drama, Romance
Urban Legend Michelle Mancini 1998 Horror, Thriller, Mystery
High Fidelity 2000 Comedy, Drama, Music
Sol Goode 2001
Stranger Than Fiction Violet Madison 2001 Thriller, Comedy
The Medicine Show Lynn Piegi 2001 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Vampires: Los Muertos 2002 Reality Tv, Game Show
How Did It Feel? Maggie 2004
A Kiss and a Promise Samantha Beck 2012 Drama
Thirty Nine Tabatha 2013 Drama