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Natassia Malthe Natassia Malthe Natassia Malthe Natassia Malthe Natassia Malthe Natassia Malthe


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Chaos Gina Lopez 2005 Action
Third Reich Rayne 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Lake Placid Janine 1999 0, Sport, Game Show, Reality Tv, 0
Elektra Typhoid 2005 0, 0
Wish You Were Here Georgie 2005 Drama, Thriller
Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber Frangiapani 2005 Comedy, Romance
Bloodsuckers 2005 Action, Horror, Sci Fi
Skinwalkers Sonja 2006 0, 0
DOA: Dead or Alive Ayane 2006 Action, Adventure
Skin Walkers Sonja 2007 Action, Fantasy, Horror
The Other Side of the Tracks 2008
Slave Georgie 2009 Horror, Thriller
BloodRayne: The Third Reich Rayne 2010 0, Reality Tv
Alone in the Dark II 2010 Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
In the Name of the King: Two Worlds Manhatten 2011 Action, Adventure, Drama
This Means War Xenia 2012 0, 0
Avarice Mary 2013
Vikingdom Brynna 2013 Adventure
In from Outside Remy 2014 Horror, Thriller
4Got10 Christine 2015 Action, Thriller
Botticelli Murders Mara Young 2016 History, Mystery, Romance
The Company You Keep Christine walsh 2016 Crime