Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer

Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer Series
Genre: Reality Tv
Premiere: 2011
Network: Animal Planet
IMDB Rating: 2.5/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 3
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When the wild-animal world encroaches on your domestic bliss, critter specialist and animal-lover Ned Bruha is the man to call. Rodents in your rec room? Beavers desperate to dam your beautiful new fountain? Bats in your belfry? Ned, aka the "SKUNK WHISPERER", is your guy - a special kind of expert who specializes in humane wildlife removal and property repair so that creatures as diverse, determined and destructive as raccoons, snakes, squirrels and bats can never invade again. A man's home is his castle, and Ned understands the need for fortification against the unwelcome visitors that are only doing what comes naturally. "SKUNK WHISPERER" takes you inside Ned's world as he responds to frantic calls from frazzled homeowners, extracts furry intruders and creates home-critter defenses. It's SURVIVORMAN meets The Office, where dealing with the wildest nature has to offer is all in a day's work. (Source: Animal Planet) more less
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Date Aired Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer Episodes
Season 1
Season 1, Episode 4: Snakes, Owls and Bees
Season 1, Episode 7: Stormy Gone Wild
Season 1, Episode 8: One Last Bang!