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Film title: Neighborhood Watch
Language: English
Plot: Nothing bad could ever happen on quiet, tree lined Wormwood Drive. At least that's what Bob and Wendi Petersen thought, before they met their new neighbor... Having moved across country so that Bob can begin a dream job with Zeecor, a large industrial corporation, the newly married couple looked forward to starting a new life together, far away from the crime and violence of the big city. Zeecor even provided them with a spacious company home on a peaceful suburban street. What more could a young couple ask for? But behind every perfect neighborhood, there hides a dark secret. On Wormwood Drive that secret is named Adrien Trumbull. Seemingly friendly, yet disturbingly intense, the hulking Trumbull welcomes his young new neighbors with a greeting of a box chocolates and kind words. Touched by his neighborly gestures, Bob and Wendi gratefully accept Trumbull's thoughtful gifts and friendship. However, Trumbull is not at all what he seems to be. Behind his welcoming grin lurks a dark obsession with poison and self-mutilation and within the walls of his rancid home, hides pure madness. For Bob and Wendi Petersen, the neighborhood of their dreams is about to become a living nightmare. As darkness falls, they will soon learn the true meaning of fear. For on Wormwood Drive, the night has eyes and the neighbors are watching. Based on two true stories.

Neighborhood Watch  Series
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Neighborhood Watch Cast & Crew

Terry Becker
as Judd Sowell
De Anna Joy Brooks
as Tina Yardley
Tommy Callahan
as Naked Homeless Man
Price Carson
as Fire Captain
Janice Davies
as Mrs. Berryman
Tim Devitt
as Detective Black
Eileen Dietz
as Mrs. Crews
John Ennis
as Scotty
Gil Glasgow
as Donnie
Fritz Greve
as Fireman
Jack Huston
as Bob
Pell James
as Wendi
James Kayten
as Dr. Harding
Irwin Keyes
as Vernon