Ness Series
Genre: Crime
Premiere: 2014
Network: Wgn America
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"Ness"' 1029-31 heroics going after crime boss Capone in Chicago were chronicled in the 1959 ABC drama series The Untouchables starring Robert Stack as Ness and Brian De Palma’s Oscar-winning movie of the same name top lined by Kevin Costner. Ness will follow the real (and untold) story of Ness lehanepost-Untouchables when he became the top cop in Cleveland, the most dangerouscity in America during the 1930s. He spent the next decade fighting the mob, his own corrupt police department, and a serial killer on the streets. All while battling his alcoholism, serial philandering and the constant need for acclaim. (Ness was broke and an alcoholic when he died from a massive heart attack at 55 in 1957).