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Film title: Net Worth
Language: English
Plot: Four competitive friends agree to a bet: they will all go to a city where none of them know anybody, with only $100 in their pockets. The winner will be the person who has the greatest net worth at the end of 30 days. Each of the four has a different philosophy about work and wealth, but all believe they will w

Net Worth  Series
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Net Worth Cast & Crew

Todd Field
as Thad Davis
Craig Sheffer
as Woody Miller
Daniel Baldwin
as Robert Freedman
Michael T. Weiss
as Michael Winslow
Tara Wood
as Tara
Alix Koromzay
as Liddy Adams
Eric Artell
as Elder Johnson
Luke Burton
as Sales Clerk
Scott Ditty
as Drew
Frank Gerrish
as Mr. Valado