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Film title: New délire
Language: French
Plot: Bobby has just been thrown out of "the New Farm Idol". So after declaring his love to Paula, the master's daughter, he sets to try his chance in The Big City. He meets Machin who helps him meet The Producer. After winning a singing competition, he is hired as a "young talents" producer. Fanny, the Producer's daughter has her eyes on him. Bobby learns that Paula has died... so he marries Fanny... but the new of Paula's death has been greatly exagerrated... all this is complicated by vilains from the Farm ans from the City.

New délire Series
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New délire Cast & Crew

Pascal Légitimus
as Le présentateur #1 / La voix de Bobby
Luis Rego
as Machin
Mathilda May
as Fanny
Jean-Marie Bigard
as Le producteur
Simon Abkarian
as Gunter
Charlotte de Turckheim
as La mère de Bobby
Serge Hazanavicius
as Le groom
Philippe Fretun
as Garcia
François Siener
as Günther
Jean-Pierre Rigaux
as Le maître
Louis-Marie Audubert
as Kamel - le chorégraphe
Roland Marchisio
as Le vigile
Alain Dorval
as Le boxeur
Jean-Yves Chatelais
as Le chanteur perdant