Watch Newsies Online

Watch Newsies Online
Film title: Newsies
Rotten Tomatoes: 87%
Language: Alan Menken
Plot: It's 1899, and the ragtag orphans who deliver the news to New York City stage a protest when publisher Joseph Pulitzer raises the price they must shell out for their supply of papers. Can they unite the oppressed and fight the powers that be? Inspired by a local trolley workers' strike, newsie Jack Kelly (Christian Bale) sets out to organize the boys into a union, with David Jacobs (David Moscow) as the outfit's brains and Jack as its spokesman.

Newsies Cast & Crew

Christian Bale
as Jack Kelly
David Moscow
as David Jacobs
Luke Edwards
as Les Jacobs
Max Casella
as Racetrack Higgins
Gabriel Damon
as Spot Conlon
Marty Belafsky
as Crutchy
Arvie Lowe Jr.
as Boots
Aaron Lohr
as Mush
Trey Parker
as Kid Blink
Dee Caspary
as Snitch
Matthew Schoenfeld
as Snipeshooter
Mark David
as Specs
Ivan Dudynsky
as Dutchy