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Birthday: 1941-02-08
Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska USA
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) Mini Biography Nick
Wiki Biography: Nick Nolte was born in Omaha, Nebraska and began his career on stage at the Pasadena Playhouse and in regional theatre productions. His breakthrough role was in the TV mini-series "Rich Man, Poor Man" (1976), playing the role of "Tom/Tommy Jordache". Nick Nolte said that when he played a young man in the early scenes of the project, he weighed about 160 pounds. When he played a middle aged man in the later scenes, he weighed over 180 pounds.

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Nick Nolte Nick Nolte Nick Nolte Nick Nolte Nick Nolte Nick Nolte


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Adams of Eagle Lake 1975 Mystery
Rich Man, Poor Man Tom Jordache 1976 Drama
Down and Out in Beverly Hills Jerry Baskin 1986 Comedy
Hulk Father 2003 Action
Luck Walter Smith 2011 Drama
Nightwatch Inspector Thomas Cray 2015
Teachers Alex Jurel 2018 - 2019
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Winter Kill 1974 Mystery, Thriller
The California Kid 1974 Action, Thriller
Who'll Stop the Rain Ray Hicks 1978
North Dallas Forty 1979 Comedy, Drama, Sport
Cannery Row 1982
48 Hrs. Jack Cates 1982 0, 0, Comedy, 0
Under Fire Russell Price 1983
Teachers Alex 1984
Grace Quigley Seymour Flint 1985 Comedy
Down and Out in Beverly Hills Jerry Baskin 1986 Comedy
Extreme Prejudice Jack Benteen 1987 Action, Crime, Drama
Weeds Lee Umstetter 1987 Drama
Three Fugitives Lucas 1989 Action, Comedy
Farewell to the King 1989 Action, Adventure, Drama
Another 48 Hrs. Jack Cates 1990 Game Show, 0, 0, Comedy
Everybody Wins 1990 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Q & A Captain Michael Brennan 1990 Crime, Drama
The Prince of Tides 1991 Biography
Cape Fear Sam Bowden 1991 Drama, Thriller
Lorenzo's Oil Augusto Odone 1992
Blue Chips 1994
I Love Trouble 1994 0, 0
I'll Do Anything Matt Hobbs 1994
Jefferson in Paris Thomas Jefferson 1995 Drama, History
Mulholland Falls Max Hoover 1996 Game Show, Comedy
Mother Night Howard Campbell 1996 Drama, Romance
U Turn Jake McKenna 1997 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Afterglow 1997 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Nightwatch Inspector Thomas Cray 1998
The Thin Red Line Lt. Col. Gordon Tall 1998 0, 0, Romance
Affliction Wade Whitehouse 1999 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Breakfast of Champions Harry Le Sabre 1999 Comedy
Trixie State Senator Avery 2000
Simpatico Vincent Webb 2000 Drama, Comedy, Crime
The Golden Bowl Adam Verver 2000 Drama, Romance
Investigating Sex Faldo 2002
The Warrior Paddy Conlon 2002
Hulk Father 2003 0
Northfork Father Harlan 2003 0, 0
The Good Thief Bob Montagnet 2003 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Hotel Rwanda Colonel Oliver 2004 0, 0
The Beautiful Country 2004
Neverwas T.L. Pierson 2005 Game Show, 0
Over the Hedge Vincent 2006 0, Drama, 0
Chicago 10 Thomas Foran 2007
Peaceful Warrior Socrates 2007 Drama, Romance, Sport
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles Mulgarath 2008 0, 0, 0
My Own Love Song Caldwell 2010 Comedy, Drama
Arcadia Lost Benerji 2010 Drama
Warrior Paddy Conlon 2011 0
Arthur Burt Johnson 2011 Comedy, Romance
The Company You Keep Donal Fitzgerald 2012 Drama, Thriller
The Trials of Cate McCall Bridges 2013 0
Parker Hurley 2013 Action, Crime
A puerta fría Sr. Battleworth 2013 Drama
The Ridiculous 6 Frank Stockburn 2015 Comedy